Residential FAQ

1. How do clients access WillBridge?

Clients are REFERRED from our community partners: Alcohol Drug and Mental Health Services, Restorative Policing Team or Homeless Court, Santa Barbara Probation Department, Cottage Hospital, WillBridge Outreach Team and collaborating service providers. If you need a referral contact your case worker or agency advocate. We do not accept self refferals. 

2. How long is a client's residency?

A client’s residency is individually based—the average stay in the transitional housing program is 1 - 2 years. Residents in the permanent supportive housing program do not have a time frame. The average stay, for those with a goal, is to move into their own apartment in 1 - 4 years.

3. Where do residents transition to?

Residents transition to residential treatment programs, permanent supportive housing, board and care facilities, reunite with family, or their own independent housing.

4. How are the daily operations funded?

Private donations, foundation grants, local and federal government contracts, special events and program fees.

5. Board Membership?

The problems of contemporary society are more complex, the solution more involved, and the satisfaction more obscure, but the basic ingredients are still the caring and the resolve to make things better.There is something wonderfully rewarding in being apart of an effort that makes a difference.

There are opportunities for those who are interested in serving.

6. How Can I Help?

  • Financial donations (tax deductible)
  • Recycling/Donate CRV (cans, bottles & plastics)
  • Landscaping
  • Mentoring
  • Biblical counseling upon request
  • Adopt a resident (Christmas)
  • Provide clothing, shoes & cosmetics
  • Special Projects