WillBridge Recycling Program

May of 2013 WillBridge launched WillBridge Recycling Program.  It is an exciting new venture with unlimited possibilities as a program for the agency. The goal of the program is four-fold: (1) a catalyst to share the mission of WillBridge (2) help the agency become more financially self-sufficient (3) create jobs for WillBridge residents not able to return to a mainstream work environment (4) assist Santa Barbara to reach and maintain the 75% recycling goal set forth in AB 341, the California State ordinance approved in July 2012.


WillBridge Recycling Program is a certified Community Service Program through California State CalRecycle Beverage & Container Program. Students or individuals that are required to complete community service hours can receive hours by turning in recycle to WillBridge.

Community Service Hours

    One full bag * of cans = 3 hours

    One full bag * of mixed CRV** = 2 hours

    One full bag * of plastic = 1 hour

    One full bag * of glass = 1 hour

    Use these bags: * 32 gallon garbage bag ** plastics, glass & cans

What to do:

Recycling Pyramid

Put your CRV recyclables in a 32 gallon garbage bag, tag them with your name & number. Drop the CRV off at 2904 State St. or call 570-0931 for a pickup.

WillBridge will track your hours; provide a copy of your hours and a letter confirming your completed hours.

Special Recognition

WillBridge Recycling Program would like to acknowledge participation from our local partners currently supporting our recycling program:

Pascucci Restaurant, SAMA SAMA

Three Pickles Deli

Santa Barbara Arts Commission



Jay's Mobile

St. Marks Methodist Church

St Joseph Catholic Church

Holy Cross Catholic Church

First United Methodist Church

Casa Blanca Apartments

The Arlington Theater

The Aloha Beach Festival/ Ventura, CA

Individual community members